Wine List

Our wine list derives from a thorough research of the Italian, French and Greek vineyards and is carefully compiled based on the knowledge, experience and our passion to indulge in the magical world of flavors in an attempt to reach excellence when combining premium wine with the finest delicacies.

grapeMichelin Guide:“A particularly interesting wine list!”

Properly preserved with special care in the new age technology preservers of I.P. Industrie Italia, with thermostats and humidifiers both for the red and white wines. Our list offers a variety of wines by small producers, where the relation of the quality / price factor is met, that are truly worth trying and wines by big producers who have set the ground for the history of wine and its future. In total, there are over 500 recommended wines while 50 of them are the most exquisite ones, by different producers and year of production, which are also considered to be the top ones in the industry of enology.

It is my honor to provide you with my service and guide you through the mystical world of wine.

Alessandro Petrini
Sommelier A.I.S.