Chef and Truffle

Ever since September 2003, Luna Rossa wine restaurant, located in the South of Athens, has received positive remarks both from its customers as well as from the press. Its innovative and culinary cuisine endorses tradition, still, all the delicacies are cooked with supreme quality and fresh ingredients, making that the restaurant’s strong point. The sophisticated service and cooking time, offer our customers the exquisite experience of “Slow Food”. Gastronomic delights that you can enjoy accompanied by a variety of splendid wines to chose from.

Ristorantenoteca Luna Rossa is the innovator and ambassador of Italian cuisine in Greece and one of the best Italian restaurants in Athens. Its aim is to indulge its audience to the delightful flavors of genuine traditional Italian recipes, but also create and propose new age dishes combined always with the finest local products. Our effort was embraced and well rewarded by the restaurant’s admission in the Michellin Guide in 2007 and every year since then.

Following our initial business plan we operate a restaurant of a small size with low costs, located in a non-commercial area. That enables us to provide supreme quality products and an exquisite personal service to each one of our 30 guests capacity. Having adjusted our menu to today’s economical reality, we are confident that we’ll continue to offer an outstanding and eligible dining option for those truly loving Italian cuisine.